A Commoner's Life

Life as a commoner is often harsh and violent. Sometimes a life of petty servitude is all you know, but it is at the very least, a life. The chaos and destruction wrought by the Sundering has left a lot of people with little or no hope at all. There are droughts, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, barbarian attacks, livestock-devouring beasts, and bandit incursions, among other events. And so, commoners turn to leaders for protection. Whether their leaders are cruel despots or benevolent land-holders, the protection they receive is a gift worth keeping and deserving of some loyalty at least.

Although many so-called heroes have come to foreign lands demanding rulers and nobles to give back to their people, those adventurers have either been executed or turned away at the scoffing of the very people they tried to lift from oppression. As a general rule, the commoner does not want nosy travelers upsetting their way of life or telling them what to do.

But sometimes a commoner can find a foothold in the door of adventure. Many have no lands to return to, or they find the chains of servitude too confining, so they step out to explore the world in search of a new haven; or they just want to find glory and fortune, lost treasures of the past, or to seek vengeance against the forces that have plagued the land. Some commoners have noble causes, while others are not so noble. But most just want to find a place in the world and fit in somewhere.

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A Commoner's Life

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