Orthodox Pantheon
Unorthodox Pantheon
The Legion of Tartaros

Where do we come from? What happens to us after we die? These questions were typically ignored before the Sundering, as people wallowed complacently through life. Now that many powers have revealed themselves to be far beyond the ken of mortal thought, the people of Astoria shudder beneath the grim truth of the existence of gods and demons.

For most, the gods are mighty powers to be feared and respected with awe. After all, these powers were the ones responsible for raining destruction down on mankind. Their wrath is something most folk would rather not face. However, many people actually detest such angry and vengeful beings, even as much as the demon hordes. In some cultures, people have a deep loathing for St. Ezriel, who invoked such powers into existence.

The five deities worshipped throughout Astoria have had many shrines, churches and temples erected in their honor. Of this Pantheon of deities, an official religion has been borne to usher in believers and the faithful. But there are also many other deities outside the rising establishment; some are good, some entirely evil. Every culture or society has its own religion or cult which attempts to structure its people with a set of moral principles.

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