Orthodox Pantheon

St Alethea

The Orthodox Pantheon is the formal Church entity through which the people of Astoria can recognize and pay tribute to the deities of the Great Pantheon. The Orthodoxy’s headquarters can be found at St. Augus Cathedral, where the system of religious doctrine is maintained and organized. Men and women who are initiated into the Orthodox Pantheon generally follow the tenets of faith according to the main deities and their respective aspects.

Worshipers of the Pantheon can have specialized interests in one or more deities, but the religious structure which they are taught is meant to fortify their faith in the entire Pantheon. For example, a well-traveled Orthodox Priest who enjoys learning may favor the aspects of Lokir and Malachi, but overall he is bound by his faith in all deities of the Pantheon. Thus, he will teach the aspects of merciful St. Alethea to the suffering, or even dispense the justice of Palanthedes upon those who are found guilty of wrongdoing.

The Orthodoxy does indeed recognize the existence of other unorthodox lesser gods, however these less-known deities are only worshiped by smaller interest groups, such as cults. These gods do not have their teachings voiced in the face of the larger church structure. Some Orthodox believers may even scoff at the idolatry of lesser deities, or judge them as taboo.

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Orthodox Pantheon

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