Welcome (Read First!)

Welcome to the realm of Astoria, otherwise known as the SUNDERED REALM! It is a once-peaceful world that has been literally torn apart in the presence of an ancient and cosmic evil. In essence, the adventures held within this fantastic setting form what is known as a Fantasy Opera. It is full of heroic characters, powerful artifacts , magic, monsters, demons, and epic adventure. There are lost mythologies to discover, ancient secrets to unearth, and mighty powers to wield against a resurfacing, enigmatic evil.

Drama should be the crux of all adventures in this setting. It is a world that has been brought nearly to its destruction; national order has crumbled, and civilization must find its roots and reclaim a land that is ripped from its natural foundations. The player characters in SUNDERED REALM represent the heroes who have the will to bring change to the world and hope to those who have lost everything.

So what are we playing? This setting uses the Pathfinder RPG Core Rules. If you want to jump right into playing, this is all you really need. As the GM, I will provide character sheets and other core rulebooks as needed. Don’t forget your dice!

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Welcome (Read First!)

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