Council of the Magi

The Council of the Magi is a secretive organization that trains people from all walks of life in the arcane arts of magic. The Council’s formal seat is located high atop the dismal peaks of Diremount, north of The Iron Hills. From the massive jeweled spires, the Council of the Magi overlook a vast tundra wasteland. But this wasteland is not devoid of life, for down in those snow-swept valleys and plains the Well of Eternity rests, where pilgrims of the Council come to drink of its waters and draw upon its arcane energy.

Many sorcerers, wizards, warlocks, bards, and illusionists have spent time learning from these masters of The Art. While the Council does not discriminate on the basis of heritage or upbringing, they do abide by strict entry rules. Once a person has been initiated into the ranks, they are bound by a set of rules forcing them to guard the secrets of their Art carefully.

All practitioners of the Art are looked upon with suspicion and fear. The rites of magic are the very powers which tempted mankind to look into the Void and draw the attention of the demons in the first place. These fears are not held without merit among the Council. They know very well that tapping into the well of magic is somehow connected with other realms of existence, but they do not know how. But members of the Council do not fear this power; rather they seek to master it and understand it.

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Council of the Magi

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