Dungeon Runners

The fabled Dungeon Runners guild is located in the heart of Westport. This organization is led by a council of various adventuring groups who seek to plunder the ruins of Astoria and obtain magic and riches from within. The guild is a motley assortment of warriors, thieves, magicians, and people from all backgrounds.

Members are sworn into the guild through initiation rites ranging anywhere from breaking into a noble’s manor and stealing a piece of jewelry, to gathering supplies and embarking on a grand treasure hunt through the ruins of Old Deepwater.

The guild’s chapter house is called Waylander Bridge, an old keep that overlooks the western port. Members often make this keep their home and base of operations, for it is where rumors and sightings of ruins or monsters are shared. Oftentimes, bets are placed and competitions are held to see who can survive an excursion or dig up some artifact before their rivals. Sometimes, this can lead to violent quarrels or outright battles between parties, but with the nature of this guild, disputes are generally respected and to the victors go the spoils.

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Dungeon Runners

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