House Havenshire

House Havenshire is ruled by the Halfling Lord Dwendil Havenshire. The Havenshire clan is very large, and the halflings can be found in any part of Astoria. The House is located in the western city of New Brook, which consists mainly of Halflings, Gnomes, and Humans.

The wilderness around New Brook has been cleansed of the blight and the woodlands are flourishing healthily. However, this area is heavily populated by satyrs and other strange mystical forest creatures. Lord Havenshire’s militia patrols the woodlands vigilantly, keeping the rural and metropolitan areas safe from monstrous incursions.

Lord Havenshire keeps a close eye on House Lockwood, who also maintains property in New Brook, as well as Soleil. Both Havenshire and Lockwood are members of the Deepwater Trading Company and have disputed the ownership of several mining camps to the northeast of New Brook. The two houses compete fiercely over the extraction of gold in these mountains.

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House Havenshire

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