House Palladine

The noble House Palladine is the most intrepid and loyal house to serve humans. Headed by the mighty Lord Dain Palladine III, the House makes its stronghold within Evenstar, to the north of St. Augus Cathedral. Members of House Palladine dwell throughout Astoria, but those abroad are few and far between, as they like to remain close to their lord in case they are called to attend the House for any means.

Lord Dain has three daughters, and they have all taken the baptism rite at St. Augus Cathedral to become Knights of the Chalice; they are Phyllia, Syrene, and Nadia. They serve as captains in their father’s personal militia. When Dain’s father, Thadeus was slain during the Sundering, he took up his sword to fight the Legion and joined St. Ezriel.

Those who are born within House Palladine are reared to become successful diplomats, if not great warriors. Moments after the birth of a child, the family performs a baptism of sorts, with prayers to the gods to help protect and bless them with long life and health. Children are taught at an early age the history of their family and the world, math, reading, writing, poetry, and swordplay. To members of House Palladine, each and every child is a blessing to the world and a benefit to the progress of humankind. There are those unfortunately, who dissent and break away in some fashion (they might seek out the Council of the Magi or embark on a life of adventure, for example). If the child goes off in a bout of rebellious youth, he or she will need to be corrected soon or face exile from the House.

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House Palladine

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