House Thornhollow

House Thornhollow is a reclusive family of elves living within the mysterious Shadowmoor. Kalavir Thornhollow and his people guard these murky woodlands and marshes jealously. Tradesmen and diplomats rarely venture this far east, although members of House Verdane often attempt to make contact with the Thornhollow clan, with little or no results. The huntsmen of the moors hide deep in the shadows, disappearing from all sight and sound. Any contact made has been met with a volley of poisoned arrows from quickly vanishing patrols of dark-skinned elves.

It is largely unknown what motives (if any) drives these people to shy away from the rest of the world. Perhaps they are simply unwilling to commune with societies that were largely responsible for the Sundering. Rumors have circulated that these elves are in league with a black dragon and are simply living in servitude to their ebon master.

Rarely do elves of this House venture beyond their borders. Thornhollow elves have darker skin than their cousins, and are fond of magical illusions and keep themselves out of direct conflict with other races. They do not speak openly and never reveal the secrets of their kinsfolk.

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House Thornhollow

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