House Verdane

House Verdane rules over the central portion of Astoria, located in the fiercely protected Thunderwood. The House defends the wilderness that stretches between Deepwater to the north and all of The Emerald Plains in the south. Lord Aramar Verdane is an honest and faithful elf that has allied with House Palladine and the Knights of the Chalice. House Verdane fights a never-ending battle against the wild beasts that come out of the forests to harass villages and farmlands.

Verdane’s elven kin are rugged survivalists. They are accustomed to a harsh life and living on the edge of nature’s corrupted state. The entire house is rather uncouth in the eyes of Lord Palladine, but their relationship is based on trust rather than formalities. To many humans, the elves of House Verdane are savages living off the land, since they have abandoned the metropolitan ways of human society.

Many rangers, mercenaries, and hunters are born out of this noble house. From birth they are introduced to a savage world. Villages and towns are tucked away in the deep forests, and are invaded by insect swarms, hungry predators, and other things that lurk at night.

The elves born in House Verdane know change. They know turmoil and hardship and they are used to it. They stand vigilant in their duty to protect their kin, and they are loyalists to the memory of St. Ezriel, who sacrificed himself to save people of all races.

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House Verdane

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