The Crimson Sword

The Crimson Sword is a guild of knights and mercenary warriors whose goal is the extermination of magic. This includes the death and inquisition of anyone suspected of using magic. Thus, the Crimson Sword has been planning a military campaign against the Council of the Magi. Because many citizens of the empire fear magic could one day herald a second demonic invasion, the Crimson Sword has been able to swell its ranks by the thousands.

The commander of the Crimson Sword is Knight-Captain Jules Von Thorne, a former captain of House Palladine. Von Thorne defected from House Palladine when Dain made negotiations with the Council of the Magi against his advice. When members of House Palladine flocked to Diremount for learning, Von Thorne left the House, swearing an oath to protect the empire from magic, even if it meant waging war against Palladine and the whole of the realm.

Von Thorne took a large contingent of loyal soldiers to a small barony far to the north of Westport, seizing it from the hands of a magic-using despot. He renamed the citadel The Crimson Keep, and the knights under his command grew in ranks as the people of the barony swore fealty in exchange for being rescued from tyranny. Now, legions of the Crimson Sword can be found in any region of the empire, fighting against magic and evil.

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The Crimson Sword

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