The Deepwater Trading Company

The Deepwater Trading Company is perhaps the single most enterprising guild that exists in Astoria. This company is responsible for maintaining viable trade between cities and holds, and has helped the overall economy by encouraging new businesses to join its protected ranks. Members of the company are tradesmen, business owners, farmers, and nobles who seek to raise wealth and feed their families.

The company is stationed within the heart of Deepwater. Although its goals are beneficial to the empire as a whole, its self-serving needs have done little to ease the chaos within its own city walls. The Deepwater Trading company has its fingers in almost every citizen of Deepwater, and is slowly monopolizing the pockets of all people wishing to do trade by making use of its tight network of spies and merchants.

Who rules this vast reaching company is anyone’s guess, but it is rumored that the Deepwater Trading Company oftentimes uses extortion, blackmail, shakedowns, and exaction to wrest money, goods, and property from people who don’t meet their obligations.

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The Deepwater Trading Company

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